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Prize Details

Rank Prize Certification
1 2 000 000 Fcfa Pratical CEH kits for every member
2 1 000 000 Fcfa Pratical CEH kits for every member
3 500 000 Fcfa Pratical CEH kits for every member
All participants will receive a certificate of participation.

About HackerLab

The HackerLab is the largest Beninese talent detection competition in cybersecurity. It takes place annually and allows cybersecurity professionals and enthusiasts to compete in various challenges covering multiple themes such as Forensics, Steganography, Reverse-Engineering, Binary Exploitation, Web Exploitation, Programming, and more. During this competition, participants are tasked with finding a "flag," which serves as the unique key to solving the different challenges.

The qualification phase of HackerLab 2023 will be held from August 1, 2023, at 00:00 GMT+1 to September 1, 2023, at 00:00 GMT+1.

Some rules that you need to follow!

  1. The flag format is CTF_, unless specified otherwise.
  2. Attacking the web server is strictly prohibited and will result in disqualification.
  3. Brute forcing flags on this platform is not allowed and will not lead to success.
  4. Any questions regarding challenges or the platform should be asked only via our Discord server.
  5. You can only participate as a team.
  6. Teams of a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 members are allowed.
  7. There are no restrictions as to who can participate in the CTF.
  8. Happy hacking, GL HF DD!

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